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  • Layers

    Poetry that glorifies God! Layers is a chronological listing of 3 years of my life in poetry. It is my heartaches as well as the good times and I hope that as you read you will see my growth as a person, Christian, and writer. There are many moments of poetry that many people will …

  • A Few Four Legged Friends

    Product Details Copyright Stacy Nason (Standard Copyright License) Published August 12, 2008 Language English Pages 20 Binding Perfect-bound Paperback Interior Ink Full color Dimensions (inches) 9.0 wide × 7.0 tall  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

  • Louisiana is Beautiful

    I am proud to be from Louisiana and wanted to share the beauty of this state with those who may have never seen it. I also wanted to create a book that those who are also proud to be from Louisiana would be proud to have on their coffee table. I hope you enjoy this …

  • My Bug Book

    My Bug Book is full of colorful and vibrant photographs of bugs! Children love to see different types of bugs and with this book they can do that time and time again! Product Details Copyright Standard Copyright License Publisher Stacy Nason Published May 9, 2007 Language English Pages 20 Binding Saddle-stitch Paperback Interior Ink Full …